haseydesign.com the trading name for freelance web designer / web developer Rob Hussey

Since 2000, I've specialised on designing and developing websites, harnessing the powers of the latest web technologies to deliver interactive web experiences tightly focused around user friendly layouts.

My primary skill set is PHP / MySQL with HTML and CSS for development and using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks for design.

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Flexi Auth : An User Authentication Software Library for CodeIgniter

Flexi Auth is a free open source user authentication (login system) software library. The library was built for the PHP CodeIgniter framework and enables web developers to implement secure customisable login systems to websites.

It was developed in PHP, utilising the features of the CodeIgniter framework it was developed for.

Euromounts Australia Pty Ltd : Precious Metal Jewellery Component Wholesaler

Euromounts are an Australian based wholesaler specialising in component jewellery.

The website was built using a very similar design and structure as to their UK counterparts eurofindings.com website (See later in portfolio), with the addition of a different inventory management tool used to link their in house product and accountacy software directly to the websites data.

Simply Jewellers Ltd : Wedding Ring Jewellery Specialist

Simply Jewellers required a website that could be used as an online shop window for their customers and as an admin inventory manager for products, customers and orders generated offline as well as online.

The website was built utilising the PHP CodeIgniter framework and a custom made user authentication and shopping cart library.

Flexi Cart : An E-Commerce Software Library for CodeIgniter

Flexi Cart is a free open source project that I solely developed myself. It is a software library for the PHP CodeIgniter framework that enables web developers to implement complex e-commerce features to the website they make.

It was developed in PHP, utilising the features of the CodeIgniter framework it was developed for.

Gillian Evans : Portfolio of Professional Photographer

The client is a professional photographer that specialises in commercial photography. They wanted a clean clutter free website where the focus was completely on the portfolio photographs.

The site was developed with XHTML and CSS using jQuery to create an interactive user experience. Light usage of PHP was then used as a backup for users browsing the website with JavaScript disabled.

Euro Mounts & Findings LLP : Precious Metal Jewellery Component Wholesaler

The client is a large e-commerce site with over 17,000 products and options, since first going online in late 2006, the website has generated online sales of over $3,500,000.

The website was totally redeveloped from sratch, incorporating a highly detailed AJAX category and search facility built onto a PHP and MySQL custom made content management system.

Greg O'Connor : Personal Portfolio of 3D Animation Artist

Client is a talented 3D animation artist who has worked on various 3D television series and required a online personal portfolio.

As the client was a designer, he had a design and style in mind from the start, this design was accurately replicated with the addition of JavaScript elements for user interactivity.

Marshall French Polishing Ltd : Traditional Wood Polisher

Client is a professional French Polisher that saw a niche online market in a traditional industry and needed a website to target this audience.

After consultation of various options, the client chose to opt with an Abobe Flash template. This template was then fully customised and connected onto PHP scripts for contact form interaction.

About Me


Hi, my name's Rob and I work as a freelance web designer / web developer currently based on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia, having moved from London, United Kingdom in 2008.

I've specialised on designing and developing interactive, user friendly website layouts since 2000. I originally started out as a web graphics designer, but all too soon I started working on my own projects and quickly realised being able to create pretty graphics is only one of many skills required to become an all round proficient web developer, and so I started learning how to code the structure of a website as well as design its layout.

Since the days of 2000, the web has changed drastically with the introduction of new technologies and new standards, enabling web designers and developers alike to create truly interactive experiences. Having worked throughout this period, I have witnessed many bad design practices and even been guilty of some myself, but have come through the otherside with a sound knowledge what to do where and when, but most importantly what not to do and why.

Personally, I love working on large project websites where I can start with a few doodles on a notepad and then work my way through to creating the graphics, coding the sites structure to then developing a backend database and dynamically linking it up to the website.

Most of the websites that I create are large e-commerce sites with thousands of products and customers requiring custom content management systems, however, such large sites are 10% graphic design time and 90% code development time, so whenever I get the chance to work on a smaller design focused website, I jump at the chance to flex my design flair.

I charge cheaper rates than a design agency and can offer that personal touch that can be lost when communicating with larger companies. If you like what you see and read, then why not contact me for your next website project?

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